Our Services

Event Management

We provide end-to-end event management services for development organizations, including event planning, logistics coordination, media coverage, and participant engagement. Our team ensures seamless execution of conferences, workshops, seminars, and campaigns, resulting in impactful and memorable events

Audio/ Visual Production

Our team comprises skilled filmmakers, storytellers, and content creators who are passionate about crafting compelling narratives and stories that effectively convey the impact and importance of development initiatives. We produce engaging content such as documentary films, success stories, video reporting, promotional videos, social media campaign videos, radio jingles, and podcasts for various platforms, including websites, social media, publications, videos, and audiovisual materials.

Media Engagement

Our engagement spans diverse media channels, encompassing radio advertisements, newspaper features, and hoarding board placements, ensuring visibility and resonance with the audience. Additionally, we harness the power of digital platforms, social media, and digital influencers to engage target audiences, raise awareness, and mobilize support for developmental causes through strategic campaign building. Our team of experts adeptly develops and implements social media strategies, manages online communities, and produces impactful digital content. We help clients build and maintain strong relationships with the media and key stakeholders. Through strategic media planning, press release distribution, media monitoring, and media outreach, we ensure effective coverage and dissemination of development initiatives, achievements, and key messages.

Why choose us ?

Experience meets purpose. Vision Three Sixty's passionate team combines proven expertise with a commitment to your mission, delivering flawless event management, media engagement, and AV production that elevates your organization.

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