Water Aid:


Vision Three Sixty was commissioned to organize and support WaterAid’s Nepal campaign, #TalkToilet. This initiative aimed to shed light on the daily challenges faced by users of public toilets.

The campaign unfolded in three distinct phases, during which Vision Three Sixty collaborated with WaterAid Nepal to organize the bus tours. The objective of the tours was to depict the current situation of public toilets to influential and authoritative stakeholders. The initial phase occurred in Kathmandu Metropolitan City, where its deputy mayor, Ms. Sunita Dangol, was in attendance. This was followed by Lalitpur Metropolitan City, where Mayor Mr. Chiri Babu Maharjan participated. The final phase took place in Chandragiri Municipality, with notable figures such as Chandragiri Municipality’s Mayor, Mr. Ghanshyam Giri, and Naubise Municipality’s Mayor, Mr. Balkrishna Acharya, participating.

Vision Three Sixty contributed to the campaign by setting up audio-visual screening booths, organizing street dramas, and flash mobs. The flash mob featured a song developed by the team itself. Additionally, gallery walks were arranged during the bus tours and the closing event, providing guests with an informative and engaging experience regarding the conditions of public toilets.

Vision Three Sixty developed five social media content pieces highlighting the conditions of public toilets, featuring Vox-pop interviews with the general public, public vehicle drivers, and toilet caretakers. Social media influencers Eleana Gurung and Wangden Sherpa played pivotal roles in promoting the campaign. Together with Vision Three Sixty’s support, they created fun and engaging stories illustrating the real-life struggles of using public toilets inside and outside the Kathmandu Valley.

Campaign Date: March 27, 2023 to December 18, 2023

#TalkToilet #TalkToilet #TalkToilet